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Nice, France - Shades of blue and running too

From the turquoise waters to the azure skies this town will literally make you see blue…and if it’s not your favorite color when you get there I guarantee you’ll love it by the time you leave. Nice France ShorelineIn fact the town embraces the color even more thanks to a piece of art for which they became famous…the blue chair. These lovely chairs now line the Promenade des Angalis providing a place to sit and just enjoy the views.Hallmark GirlfriendsNot only are the views spectacular for running, but they truly embrace athletics here! The locals get up to swim every morning, year round…yes even in the winter these intrepid folks are out getting it done. Respect!!! I wanted to hop in with them, but had miles to get in before the day began. Swimming in Nice FranceTriathletes would be in heaven as right next to this swimming hole {aka the sea} is a HUGE running and biking pathway. Once this pathway runs out, no worries because you’ve hit the adorable port area filled with small and large boats…and mostly lots more to see!
IMG_6579Running in Nice FranceI’m told they have a wonderful Rock N Roll 10 miler in February that takes full advantage of this pathway…hmmm a possible future race??

After running there is still so much more to explore in Nice! I fee like it’s a dream place for the active, healthy traveler as most restaurants are cooking with fresh ingredients and the farmer’s market is easily available to pick up a snack…just be careful as they do love sweets!! I definitely indulged in a few, but spent the next 8 hours on foot exploring so it’s all balance!
DSC03796DSC03750Even their parks are more unique and creative than ours!! Checkout this one that used a whale for a gym…and had a huge area of fountains filled with laughing children all day long. DSC03934DSC03655The sights to see don’t stop there…the city is filled with unique artwork both along the streets, such as the aptly named “Square Head” which houses the library. AND inside the magnificent Hotel Negresco!! We were only allowed inside a press, so don’t expect to get inside this beautiful place for a peak…and be willing to pony up if you want to stay for a night, it’s luxury mixing old world and modern.DSC03938Hotel Negresco LobbyHotel Negresco RestaurantJust as I could have run for hours in this city, I could go on with ease about the beauty and fun we found here…put it on your list and prepare to want to come back before you’ve even left.

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