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Cupcake Tour of Orlando - Unique experiences and unexpected flavors

How often do you go out to dinner and say to yourself “oh I wish I had room for dessert”? Followed by well, maybe next time…but then next time never comes and don’t you feel like sometimes in life you just need to eat dessert first?! Finding the best desserts in OrlandoGood news now you can find some insanely delicious treats sans the dinner rush! Everything about these little shops screams fun, joy and creativity! You’ll see flavors you never imagined under piles of icing and you’ll get to enjoy them without being already stuffed from dinner.

Every day is a special occasion, so treat yourself!

Let's take a look at some of the cupcake places around Orlando.

First is Jillycakes of Orlando a totally unique cupcake place started by you guessed it Jill who many of you might know from the TV show Cupcake Wars. As she says, it was never within her grasp that they would actually have a storefront!
Jillycakes mini cupcakesBut the time is right and their unique style will make this shop a sure hit!

What makes her place so unique it's not just the cupcakes you expect to find like chocolate and strawberry, but unique savory flavors like meatball sub cupcakes or my personal favorite the turkey stuffing thanksgiving cupcake. It is everything you love about Thanksgiving in a cupcake form and holy heck it is amazing!

Pictured here is her savory mac and cheese cupcake!
Macaroni and cheese cupcake from JillycakesAs the shop gets going they will also have an online app where in the store you can design a custom cupcake from available ingredients, just like you would with a froyo bar!

Beyond that of course they’ll still be offering their signature out of this world custom cakes.

Located near Winter Park

Another delicious night of fun can be found at Sugar Divas Cakery. What I love about this place is that she thrives on the idea of entertain and educate!

You can go in and do a group decorating class just like you would one of those group painting classes, only now you will have a delicious masterpiece to take home and eat rather than find a corner to try and display/hide it. Ha!!

IMG_7769Much like Jill, I loved Clare’s story as well. She started out baking with her grandmother and simply continued to enhance her skills with decorating and baking because she loved it. There was never really a thought that this could be a business, but after moving to the US from England she kept coming back to her passion and talent…finally the store was born.

AHHH entrepreneurs I love em!!! Here Clare is giving us a quick demo before our cupcake decorating, which was a very mini version of the great classes that she teaches.
IMG_7780Pictured below one of the many unique cakes she has made for customers. IMG_7766Located near East End Downtown Orlando.

Next is Gigi's Cupcakes which has multiple locations across the country, but I was introduced to them here so I’ll always think of them as an Orlando company.

Known for rotating flavors and massive mounds of icing {is there anything better?!} they also offer a gluten free option on Fridays and a free birthday cupcake for loyalty card members!

Pictured below is a selection of mini cupcakes at a blogger event. I focused in on my personal favorite the S’more…it was all gooey in the middle and just a bite of heaven. I suppose every baker has a story and Gigi is no different! She started wanting to be a singer, when that crazy life got old she opened her own business, but the cupcake shop came about from serendipity. She wanted to work for herself and her brother nudged her in to using her great baking skills.

Located near Downtown Orlando (Colonial)

I would be remiss to not also mention Rhapsodic Vegan bakery for those of you like me who do our best to remain dairy free!  For years I avoided dairy and eggs due to allergies, which meant I could only have desserts with friends if I felt like feeling bad, until I found this place and hands down I am in capital L O V E with their icing! 

You’d never know they were vegan!!! I guarantee you could pass these off on any friend. They also offer gluten free options, which are tasty but a little bit dry for me.

Located near Downtown Orlando (Mills)

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