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Destination: Jackson Hole Wyoming Summer

It’s gorgeous!”

That tiny little sentiment was uttered by every single person when I mentioned my trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in September. It’s fair to say my expectations were VERY high and totally met!

From the moment you land, you’re immersed in nature…look out the plane window and there are the mountains! Exit the plane right on the tarmac and get a breathe of that fresh air.View from plane in Jackson Hole

The short drive will take you in to town where nature literally bursts at the seems to greet you. Downtown Jackson HoleDSC05743The town embraces it's heritage and location with some amazing buildings and decor. It's small, but you won't be lacking for quality food (even this girl found a juice bar and vegan restaurant to meet my needs!). Jackson Hole Wyoming DowntownJackson Hole Wyoming Downtown ArchesJackson Hole Wyoming Visitor Center

After spending an afternoon exploring the streets and devouring a vegan cookie from Lotus, it was time to head off to Teton Village for the remainder of the week. I knew my energy would be focused on surviving the 3 day running camp, so I was very excited to see my accommodations.

Hotel Terra -- For the first two nights I enjoyed everything this LEED {fancy engineering term for awesomely eco-friendly} hotel had to offer. Like the concierge who set up a horseback riding tour for me through the surrounding area and the Terra Café which won “Bronze” for Best Vegetarian Options in the Best of Jackson Hole poll (perfect for me!!).
Horseback riding in Jackson HoleHorseback riding in Jackson HoleThe ride left me with more than a sore tush, it gave me a whole new appreciation for the expanse of the area and just how committed Hotel Terra is to taking care of this great environment. 100% of Hotel Terra's green hotel's electric and natural gas power is offset with the purchase of alternative, clean energy including wind, solar and hydro sources.
Hotel Terra EntryI love how throughout the hotel they have brought the outdoors in, the amazing amount of light that comes in to every room and honestly…the décor! It made me feel like a cowgirl (a pampered one, but still)!
After two nights in Hotel Terra, I packed my bags and walked next door in Teton Village to rest my head on some new fluffy pillows at the Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa. You might as well take full advantage of an area right?!
Teton Mountain LodgeDSC05776Not only did we enjoy the bison burger and sweet potato fries at their Spur Restaurant & Bar, with Executive Chef Kevin Humphreys {Best Chef in Jackson six years in a row}, but also daily meals provided by their team in our group meetings. This team went above and beyond to create meals from whole natural foods that were also dairy and gluten free for a few of us allergy crazy runners.IMG_7399  What I am dying to tell you about is the Solitude Spa. I LOVE a good massage, but this blew my mind. I did something called the Warrior Poultice Ritual, which involves them using a poultice as part of the massage to help infuse your tired, weary from hitting the mountain muscles with herbs like tumeric, mint and lemongrass. OH MAN it was amazing and definitely healing after 3 days and 30 miles of mountain running. PoulticeGET MOVING
While in the Village you have quick access to hiking trails, you can take the tram up to the top of the mountain for additional hiking and you can load up your bike to enjoy some serious mountain biking! Additionally there is a long paved path near the road that allows you to bike for miles just taking in the scenery.

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